The Wikispaces host is changing their hosting policies, and thus this wiki will likely be removed at some point in the quasi-near future. I will see if I can find another host for it at some point. I will be rehosting this wiki at or

(currently in progress)

I'm kindof using this wiki/group of wiki's as a sort of mindmap tool to gather my thoughts on project ideas in an easy to access place, without having to pay for things such as at online mindmap sites. And I can get here from various places rather than be tied to the computer a free mindmap program is installed on and saving my data to.

This wiki will be used to combine my billtfpgafun, billtpcbfun, and billtprogrammingfun wikis here. I think it'll make more sense to have them in one wiki than split apart. I use both amigabill and billt usernames, I more frequently use amigabill elsewhere so I'll use that name on this combined wiki.

I'd spent a lot of time getting a number of tools running in Kubuntu Koala 64bit, now I want to migrate to Lynx instead. By the time I'm happy with that Meerkat will be out and I'll try not to tinker with that right away too. Well, I've since had Meerkat installed for a month or so, not having time to really boot into it much, then updated to Narwhal, which I've also not had time to boot into more than once. I don't like Narwhal's way of hiding scrollbars to near-invisibility. I am clumsy at getting the arrow bars to appear, and even more clumsy at using them when they do appear.

I have a parallel Centos 5.5 install that I updated to 5.6, but haven't really done much with either. Though Centos does seem the better choice to VPN/NX into my Centos4.8 machine at work. Using *ubuntu seems to have a keymapping problem centred around the arrow keys, which is a very huge pain when trying to do graphical IC layout work. Experimentation to learn this happened as a result of the last time Windows Vista went bad during a rediculously scheduled work project.