I'm interested in writing driver and firmware code more than applications,
but would like to see a higher-end PCB tool such as KiCad ported over, which could mean working on porting dependencies such as WxWidgets as well as this application.

Project Name
Das U-Boot
Das U-Boot, or uboot for short, is a GPL bootloader firmware for a variety of CPU architectures, and was used in Eyetech/MAI's AmigaOne family of PowerPC boards. I hope to get the AmigaOne version of this code ported back to using Denx's ELDK compilation environment for x86 Linux host, as that is was the majority of uboot developers use, and get our uboot updated to the current uboot master code tree, and hopefully folded back into the master code tree.
Qemu PPC
Qemu is a Virtual Machine system with support for several "host" and "guest" or "target" CPU architecures. I am interested in PowerPC, and thus the PPC or PPC64 guest/target is interesting. Qemu can be used with a Linux host running KVM to allow the guest to directly access actual hardware, using VFIO. Neat! And that's my current curiosity.

Here is a tutorial about using Qemu/KVM/VFIO on a PC to make 4 gaming PCs, using an Ubuntu 14.04 host. My interest is in getting a similar capability, though with a PPC guest isntead of an x86/x64 guest, in order for my PPC OS to have access to new hardware that I cannot easily plug into any real Amiga slot. (Be that Mediator, Grex, Promethsus PCI slots or AmigaOne/Pegasos/Sam460ex/x1000 PCI or PCI-Express slots)