Free/Inexpensive Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Education

On this page I'm collecting information, webinars, articles, and online courses about PCB design. While I'd like to link to free items only, the world is not perfect, and I'm also including some pay-for links as well, but I'll try to avoid any tremendous investment things such as full-on university major programs. But some things won't be for free.






(keep in mind Dan Beeker's advice to look at app notes as lies until proven correct)


Note that just because a furom may be hosted by a particular tool vendor, there may be a great deal of tool-agnostic information in there, such as good design practices, examples of good and bad design details, etc.


  • Howard Johnson at Signal Integrity Lab has some DVDs available as companions to his Black Magic books.
  • CEDA has a DVD about High Speed PCB Design (item # 13). They also have a course about Embedded Systems design (item #9) that talks about microcontrollers, interfaces, software, and Operating System stuff.
  • CA Design has a set of DVDs showing how to use Cadence Allegro tools. A bit expensive, but might be good.

Misc/Other Lists

Conferences (even though they are not free)

  • PCB West and/or PCB East
  • Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) - check out Dan Beeker and friends. Presentation slides in PDF for most past sessions are on Freescale's website. These guys highly recommend PCB West/East above.