Eclipse is
Rather than use Koala's package, I've downloaded and installed Eclipse latest version from I'm making htis page as I've reinstalled Eclipse a number of times now. The Eclipse Marketplace AVR plugin seemed to take over, and it no longer seemed like a generic C/C++ environment, it seemed to have become AVR specific, which wasn't desirable. I also want to do uboot development wiht the Denx ELDK environment as a generic C/C++ thing, and Amiga OS4 development, perhaps Amiga OS3.x development, Minimig/mc68000 code development (some without any OS), etc. Other times I've misunderstood error messages and reinstalled to fix them, learning their meanings and how to resolve them after the fact. Such as the "updates are not permitted" thing when I don't have linux filesystem permissions, I've made myself owner of that dir tree rather than root and me in an editing users group. Hopefully I'll find solutions better, before resorting to rm -r and all this reinstalling time.

I use these plugins:
Plugin Name
Update Site
update site
is a Subversion repository access plugin. I use this with the Java SVN tools called SVN Kit, whatever the latest version of that is.
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Dynamic Language Toolkit is a source code syntax coloring plugin for Tcl, also for Python, JavaScript, and Ruby. This plugin name sounds Tcl-specific, and there is a separate DLTK Ruby plugin, odd that it's all-inclusive here, but you can un-check languages you do not want when installing to leave them out. They really should have named this plugin DLTK without a language suffix.

update site
VHDL/Verilog syntax coloring in source editor, and error checking.
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provides SystemVerilog and Verilog syntax coloring in the source editor. I'm mostly interested in SystemVerilog from this, but as there's no free/open-source SystemVerilog simulator/synthesizer, I'll likely mostly use Simplifide.
update site
is a Subversion repository administration tool. I've not used it yet but am interested.
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is a git repository access plugin. It seems, at lest for now, I cannot have my git clone be my project. I need to have a git repository somewhere, and make a project directory separate from that. Either I haven't understood something right or this is weird.
update site
linker to cppcheck command line linter tool
update site
integration of OpenOffice
into Eclipse. Current release 2.0.13 is having problems with my amd64 OS environment though. Discussion is here, bugtracker and possible solution is here. The file containing a different version of the problem file can be downloaded here. Get our particular path to the errant file from the error message then (for my particular path):

cp ~/Downloads/t/ag.ion.noa-2.2.3/lib/64bit/ /opt/eclipse/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/371/1/.cp/lib

NOA4e 2.0.14 may have fixed this issue.

I've taken to not using this, as even when I got it to work, it was flaky, and putting a word processor GUI inside of the Eclipse GUI was too confining for my screen. At this point I'm happy to have Eclipse spawn OpenOffice/LibreOffice to its own window rather than try to display it inside the Eclipse GUI.
update site
vi -alike text editing for Eclipse. Yea, some people hate vi, but that's what I know. And no, I don't know vi or vim in intricate detail, but it is what I'm comfortable with.
update site
file download
brings Amiga AutoDocs to Eclipse and has a simple tutorial on using Eclipse to make an Amiga application. The original site has removed the files, but you can still get the download file at the wayback machine here.