Eagle PCB

Eagle PCB is a relatively low price commercial PCB design suite that is very popular.

In addition to Cadsoft's own manual and tutorial, I've also learned from the book //Build Your Own Printed Circuit Board// by Al Williams.


I recommend breaking up large chips into multiple symbols rather than have one giant symbol that is unwieldy. Many reference designs for large chips wil alrady have done this, and I simply copy their style as closely as I can.

For multiple pins of the same net (such as many vcc and gnd pins), It was recommended to me to name them as:
when you encounter multiple pins with same name, use "name@pad" instead of
"name_number" in the schematic symbol. Eg "VSS@AB1" instead of "VSS_2".

Only the part in front of the @ will be visible in the finished symbol,
but you'll be able to pinpoint which signal goes to which name when
connecting the symbol and package later.