COM-Express (aka ETX-Express) standard for Computer-On-Modules

COM-Express is derived from Kontron's ETX-Express computer-on-module standard, which they created as a successor to their popular ETX format. This was Standardized by PICMG and renamed to COM-Express. COM-Express spec rev 1.0 was published on 2005 July 10, and the newer rev2.0 was published on 2010 Aug 30, with an errata document following on 2010 Oct. 19. The rev2.0 spec can be ordered from PICMG at a non-member price of $95 here, and they have a resources page here.

Com-Express resources
  • rev1.0 Com-Express concept tutorial
  • rev1.0 Com-Express Carrier Design Guide
  • RadiSys Com-Express 2.0 for Dummies book and whitepaper
  • My list of available carrier boards for Com-Express. I don' tyet see any rev2.0 carriers for Type 6/Type 10. :(
  • My list of existing PowerPC modules for Com-Express. Note that some of them are not "truly compliant" with the Com-Express spec, some redefine Com-Express connector pins to special-purpose PowerPC SoC features that don't exist in Com-Express spec, in order to get these signals to the carrier motherboard. Check if your desired module is truly compatible with your desired carrier. This issue bothers me, please try harder to make modules truly compliant to your format standard, and use optional additional connectors for undefined things.