Com-Express carriers

Here's the rev1.0 Com-Express Carrier Design Guide

Here are links to a variety of Com-Express carrier boards in various formats.


  • Express-Base by ADlink Tech is Type 2. (I got this one to experiment with some years ago)
  • Express-Base6 by ADlink Tech is a Type 6.
  • nanoX-Base from ADlink Tech is Type 1.
  • CR200 by RadiSys comes in Type 2 and Type 3 variants.
  • CR202 by RadiSys is Type 2
  • CR203 by RadiSys is Type 3
  • CR300 from RadiSys is Type 6
  • SOM-DB5700 from Advantech
  • conga-CEVAL from Congatec is Type 2
  • conga-TEVAL from Congatech is Type 6
  • PBE-1700 from Arbor is Type 2
  • EEV-EX11 from A Value
  • FPGA Starter Kit from Kontrol is Type 1, 2 or 10, and has a lot of stuff connected to an FPGA located on the carrier.
  • Eval2 from Kontron is Type 2.
  • Eval3 from Kontron is Type 3.
  • PCOM-C210 from Portwell is Type 2




  • CR100 by RadiSys is Type 1 pr Type 2
  • IP401 from iBASE is Type 2


  • 120mm x 160mm StormBringer from Nolam aka?? XV2 from Systerra
  • 160mm x 160mm KCAC-0320 from Systerra
  • 97mm x 144mm XV1 from Systerra is Type 2
  • I seem to have once thought this Intel Reference design is a car stereo DIN kit for Com-Express. I need to verify this is correct as I don't see it stated explicitly just now.
  • Debug card from Kontron
  • Debug card from Congatech

  • Ultra Lite carrier from Connect Tech Inc. matches the Basic size Com-Express module size
  • Conga-Cdebug from Conga Tech is a Type 2 board that fits between the module and the carrier to aid in system debug
  • COMe Ref. Carrier T2 from Kontron is slightly smaller than Mini-ITX
  • XV1 from EKF is slightly larger footprint than Basic size module, and is Type 2
  • XV2 from EKF is slightly larger than XV1 and is Type 2

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