Amiga Hacks

Here are some hacks I've done to my Amiga computers.

Before my A2000 tower project, I had an A500 living in the same tower case. I'm not sure if I took pictures or anything of the A500 project, if I find anything I'll post a page for it here.
file on aminet showing my towerization of an Amiga 2000. Please ignore the RIT email, that's ancient history.
Towerizing a desktop model A3000. Includes a Mediator 3000D PCI backplane.
Retowering an Escom/Quickpak A4000T into a different tower. I'm planning to create a new tower case from two tower cases to provide additional expansion bay area below the motherboard, and turn down a Prometheus PCI backplane with a 90 degree Zorro bus adapter, so that the PCI cards do not physically conflict with other Zorro boards or motherboard bits as it does "normally".
Cyberstorm MK2 040 to 060 upgrade
I'd had a page on the net showing my upgrade from 68040 to 68060 for my Cyberstorm MK2 accelerator card. I'm not sure where I might still have the files from that web page, hopefully it's archived somewhere and I can find it to put here. Please ignore the prodatasys email, that's ancient history. I will bring the archived page over here and clean it up at some point.

Ah, I've managed to find my old hacks web page from college in the Wayback Machine. I'll try to get that stuff brought over here and freshen things up a bit. Please ignore any email addresses to RIT or Prodatasys, those are ancient history.

Amiga Tech Info

I'll make a separate Amiga Tech Info showing what IC sockets are used, slot info, etc.

Other people's neato hacks & products: