Altera Quartus II Web Edition is a free cost edition of their FPGA Synthesis and programming tools.Version 10.0 installed to Koala 64bit fine. I'm getting library errors for 10 SP1 install to Lynx by just running the file I downloaded.

I was unable to use the GUI installer as I did with the previous 10.0 version in Koala.

A discussion about .usr/lib/ has not yet helped me. Another is here. I don't think this library matters much, and put back he Lynx 6.1.0 version. Copying my Koala install of Quartus over seems to work fine in Lucid.

I was able to run command-line installer fine. cd to the extracted dir made by the failed install attempt.
sudo bash ./setup -w --install=quartus_free --source=/tmp/10.0sp1_quartus_free_linux --target=/opt/altera

I assume other install items work as well.