3c CAD Projects

Wii Whiteboard IR pen
My first 3d CAD project is a new Wii Whiteboard IR pen. Maybe there's better ones out there already, but I'd like to make something better than what my wife bought. This one needs to be held backwards for us, with the IR LED pointing out the back "eraser" end to be picked up. Holding it as we think should be, the Wiimote doesn't see it on our 100" projector screen, using a Panasonic ??? projector with a ??? screen.
This discussion says that the best IR wavelength LED to use is 940nm.

My second project is more wishful thinking. I'd love to see an Amiga laptop computer, and have dreamy ideas f how I'd make one. I've found the Via Openbook open-source CAD files that could be a starting point for a shell casework that would fit my motherboard idea. Or at least give me ideas how to make something new.