This page will show programs I use for 3d CAD projects, which I expect will mostly be related to my PCB projects that need cases or something to hold them. I'm going for as much free/open-source as I can.

Here are 3d CAD Projects I'm thinking about.

I expect to get most use out of STL file format output for use with resin vat prototyping machines, so I can order cheap builds without paying expensive tooling costs that would void my interest in all this.

Free and open-source design sites
Thingiverse OpenSCAD
OpenSCAD tagged designs. Considering there's a lot of these, only a couple brl-cad ones, and zero freecad items, I'm more likely to use OpenSCAD. Lots.
Thingiverse brl-cad
Thingiverse brlcad
BRL-CAD tagged designs at Thingiverse. Only a few.
open-source phone design has 3d CAD files available here for the NeoFrerunner model.
Peli Cases
make cases for something. CAD files are downloadable click-through license.
Via Openbook
open-source laptop casework design. Small laptop, but something to look at a complex design. Boo, this site seems dead. Try the wayback machine archives of it, though you can't get to the CAD file downloads from the archive. :( But, luckily, due to the open nature of OpenBook, someone has converted the files to another format for use with BRL-CAD and are available here. I wish it was easier to find, took me two days of googling to stumble onto this location. Since it was a hard find, and I've not seen this anywhere else, here's a local copy of what this site had, both the original Via files as well as the step format versions.

Other open hardware sites that may not be CAD but may be electronic, etc. and need reorganized in my mess of pages here.
Open-source HD video camera for cinema/movie making
Open-source video camera, is part of Apertus
Open-source car design project